Symptoms and Treatment
Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurological issue and disorder where the brain starts losing brain cells in a degenerative way. This causes memory loss and also cognitive functions. It is one of the most common kinds of dementia, accounting to almost 70-80% in the United States alone. First symptoms have proven to be mild, but they become severe over time. It becomes harder and harder for people to remember even recent events, and they also find it hard to recognize people that they have known all their life. Some people fail to recognize their own spouses and children. Eventually, a person with this affliction will need complete and full-time assistance as they begin to forget how to do basic tasks.


Some symptoms which show that the person has Alzheimer’s disease:

–    The person shows a decline in behavioral and also cognitive function and their performance is completely dampened compared to how they were before. They start forgetting many common things, things that should be easy to remember. This decline can be recognized when they ask repetitive questions in a conversation, when they misplace very important personal belongings and claim that they don’t remember where they have placed it, when they get lost on routes that they have known for years and also when they forget important events and even appointments and behave as though it is just a regular day.

–    Many other things can be recognized; these symptoms that will state can be seen later on, when the disease has progressed.

An inability to speak native languages, an inability to do basic tasks like eating food or even going to the bathroom by yourself; being unable to recognize faces or even some common objects that have been in their lives for a while and also many other things like the inability to make easy decisions, making it hard to do simple things, and also being obsessive about common things which can be construed as socially unacceptable behavior.


The treatment for Alzheimer’s is very tricky because there is no known cure for the disease. The process of brain cells dying cannot be reversed. But, some therapeutic treatments will make it easier for people to live with the disease and have somewhat of a good time in their sunset years. There are also no disease-modifying drugs that are currently available for Alzheimer’s. There are indeed some options that can reduce the symptoms and improve the quality of life. The absolute need for a good quality life becomes very important as the person starts depending on people and when they stop being able to live independently. This disease usually affects older people, people who have crossed the age of 50.

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