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Tips for Coping with Stress

Living a healthy life is a goal that most people set for themselves but somehow fail to achieve. What one fails to understand in the process of rigorous workout routines, instant health mixes, protein shakes, and so on is the fact that being healthy does not merely mean being disease free. Preventive measures along with a proper diet, exercise routine and sleeping patterns are indeed necessary. However, these measures can prove to be ineffective when one ignores the component of wellbeing. Wellbeing is a holistic and dynamic evaluation health that looks into a person’s physical, psychological, occupational, family, social and spiritual functioning which will determine their quality of life.


A significant deterrent that stands in the way of people from achieving a healthy lifestyle despite their consistent efforts can be stress. Stress, as everyone understands, is a psychological discomfort that prevents people from performing as well as they usually do due to any stressor that can range from an intimidating professor to a traumatic event such as the loss of a loved one. When the stress experienced is not coped with efficiently, it can impact the normal functioning of the individual, resulting in deteriorating health.

High blood pressure, heart diseases, eating disorders, asthma, and so on are diseases that have been proven to have stress as a significant causal factor for its onset. This is why it is necessary to develop efficient coping techniques that will deem one victorious over the stress life throws at them.


Know the difference between positive and negative coping

Over time, people develop various coping strategies that they have found to work. However, it is not compulsory that just coping with stress makes life easier. Some coping techniques can even end up doing more harm than the stressor itself. All of us know someone who shops compulsively or eats excessively or even detach oneself from loved ones at the face of stress. This tendency of negative coping is precisely why it is essential to develop positive coping strategies. Taking a break has proven to be the most effective coping strategy. Detach yourself from that stressful work project, enjoy a day at home and then get back to it. The results you yield will be far higher than a mediocre idea that you conjured up when you were stressed. While experiences stress, something that most people need more than a helping hand is a listening ear.

Having a friend who you can talk to will help you to get through anything as well as figure out what precisely the problem is. One should never underestimate the soothing powers of venting out. Lastly, but most importantly, make sure that your goals are achievable. When life throws lemons at you don’t find fresh lemons and hand it over. If you are stressed because you have a lot of things to do- Prioritize. Prioritizing things that are most important to you and saying no to people and things that you don’t want to waste time on is essentially the golden rule of positive coping.

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